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Devblog #4 - Garage, Gamemode & more!

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We are delighted to announce all our server details this devblog, including everything you can expect when we launch in about one week. We will go through all details you should know about our server. But first, we would like to thank everyone who has uploaded maps and helped us create a large and varied map collection. Besides that we would like to thank all beta testers involved in testing our server features to make sure all bugs are ironed out.



All our gamemodes are accessible in our lobby, each gamemode has it's own arcade machine located in the lobby. The lobby serves as the entry point of our server, it holds - as said - all arcade machines of all gamemodes but will also be used for events.  Let us go through all gamemodes and explain what each gamemode is about. 



One of the most known and popular gamemodes. It's based on driving maps which are made by other players to reach the end of the map/track and finally get the hunter. This gamemodes includes regular Deathmatch, Hard Deathmatch and Oldschool. Hard Deathmatch being Deathmatch maps which are considered hard, based on parts in the map. Oldschool being old maps which often include many different vehicles and an old style of mapping.




Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby is all about becoming the last survivor. You must push other players off the map into the water and become the last player remaining. 



Some kind of shooter gamemode except you're in a car and rockets coming out of your hood. Your goal is to destroy all other vehicles. This gamemode includes Shooter with jumps and Shooter without jumps. The name says it all, in one room you will be able to jump with your vehicle where it is not possible in the other room.


Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag gets its name from the physical game Capture The Flag and is based on protecting your teams flag and capture the enemies' flag. Once you've captured your enemies' flag you must return it to your own flag without losing it or having your own flag captured by the enemies. Each time an flag is captured and returned a team gets one point until one team reaches 5 points and wins. Alternatively the team with the highest score wins when the round timer expires.



Domination got a lot of it's influence from Capture The Flag, in order to win you have to capture and hold all flags in the map or have most flags until the map ends. To hold a flag a player needs to be near a flag in order to capture it, capturing goes faster when there are multiple teammates helping with capturing.





Hunter is very much based on shooter except you're flying an helicopter instead of driving an vehicle. You must destroy all other helicopters in order to win the game. The gamemode is named after the helicopter that's used in all maps named the Hunter.



Freeroam is in itself quite a extensive gamemode with a lot of features. Most of the features are for yourself to experience but we will go through the basics. In Freeroam there are multiple methods to earn money, the current ones are as follows:

  • Exports
  • Trucking
  • Stealing the vans/trucks of other players


While more jobs will become available after launch trucking is and will remain the center of Freeroam. You start out with finding a van on the map and bringing it to a trading post which you can find by pressing F1 which opens the map. You will then randomly be assigned cargo and a drop off point. When dropping off your cargo you earn money and XP. At level 10 you gain the ability to choose your own cargo which you purchase with your money and drop off points. While this allows you to earn more profit and XP it also brings a risk with it as other players can steal your truck or trailer. While leveling up you will unlock more types of resources for van delivery and truck hauling respectively and are able to haul cargo with bigger vans and trucks that are capable of holding more cargo.

You are also able to purchase weapons and as said you can rob someone from their cargo and sell it yourself. In order to regain hit-points you must eat, there are various locations you can order food from. Money you earn can be deposited on your bank so that you don't drop any of it when you die. You can also transfer money to other players, all these transactions can be done at ATM´s which are all around the map.

Finally, Freeroam will receive regular updates and content will be added from time to time so this is not the final form of Freeroam. There are a lot of features that will be added later on which include but are not limited to new jobs and missions. Freeroam is internally receiving a lot of updates to make adding new content easier and eventually setup a dedicated team to create said content.


Against Us

Against Us is based on the popular game Among Us and has been announced in an earlier dev blog. The gamemode will be an 3D experience of Among Us using third person view and will be played on the 3D interpretation of the map Skeld. As announced in the above mentioned dev blog, our focus shifted to Freeroam and Race gamemodes. We did not manage to fully finish it so therefore Against Us will not be playable on launch and will be added as a update shortly after.




Garage offers you to customize your car to your own style. We have two custom vehicles you can customize, these vehicles are the InfernusCheetah, Sandking, Comet and Bullet. More will be added in future updates. Each vehicle can have its own customization, we currently offer the following customizations:

  • Custom vehicle color, primary and secondary;
  • Dynamic Vehicle Overlays, you can add a fancy animated overlay on your vehicle;
  • Neons in any color you wish;
  • Custom headlight colors;
  • Various stickers you can put onto your vehicle;
  • Each vehicle has its own custom parts you can choose from, these parts are:
    • Spoilers
    • Sideskirts
    • Exhausts
    • Rear bumpers
    • Rear lights
    • Roofscoops
    • Hoods
    • Rims
    • Front bumper

All these customizations make it possible to create your own unique vehicles. You may access our garage in the lobby behind the bar. Some screenshots below showcase what you can expect.




Our goal is to make this server enjoyable for everyone and therefore we decided not to have donation perks or anything that requires payments. We will set up alternative methods to support us financially but we don't want to profit from Vultaic. It may be introduced if we ever desperately need it to upkeep the server but we hope that moment will never come. 


vultaic-logo-1200x1200.png Best Regards, Vultaic.



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