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[FUNC] create3DText

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This function lets you create "3D Texts" anywhere in the world with no effort.



create3DText(string, x, y, z, font, fontsize, r, g, b, a, distance, testlos)

Required Arguments:

  • string: the text to create
  • x: A floating point number representing the X coordinate on the map
  • y: A floating point number representing the Y coordinate on the map
  • z: A floating point number representing the Z coordinate on the map

Optional Arguments:

  • font: Either a custom DX font element or the name of a built-in DX font (default (Tahoma), default-bold, clear (Verdana), arial, sans, pricedown, bankgothic, diploma, beckett)
  • fontsize: The size of the text
  • r: The amount of red in the color (0-255)
  • g: The amount of green in the color (0-255)
  • b: The amount of blue in the color (0-255)
  • a: The amount of alpha in the color (0-255)
  • distance: Draw distance value in San Andreas units
  • testlos: Test for line of sight (true/false)


local texts = {}
function create3DText(string, x, y, z, font, fontsize, r, g, b, a, distance, testlos)
    local text      =   {}
    text.string     =   string
    text.x          =   x
    text.y          =   y
    text.z          =   z
    text.font       =   font or "arial"
    text.fontsize   =   fontsize or 1.0
    text.r          =   r or 255
    text.g          =   g or 255
    text.b          =   b or 255
    text.a          =   a or 255
    text.distance   =   distance or 150
    text.testlos    =   (type(testlos) == "nil" and false or testlos)
    table.insert(texts, text)
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function()
    for i, value in ipairs(texts) do
        local self = texts[i]
        local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer())
        local distance = getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(self.x, self.y, self.z, x, y, z)
        if distance <= self.distance then
            local cx, cy, cz, clx, cly, clz = getCameraMatrix()
            if not self.testlos or (self.testlos and isLineOfSightClear(cx, cy, cz, self.x, self.y, self.z, true, false, true, true, false, false, true)) then
                local scale = self.fontsize - ((distance / self.distance) * self.fontsize)
                local sx, sy = getScreenFromWorldPosition(self.x, self.y, self.z, dxGetTextWidth(self.string, scale, self.font, true), false)
                if sx and sy then
                    dxDrawText(self.string, sx, sy, _, _, tocolor(self.r, self.g, self.b, self.a), scale, self.font, "center", "center", false, false, false, true)

^ Paste this code somewhere in your script file ^

Example Usage

addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", root, function()
    create3DText("*some text* no testlos", 705.83, -159.25, 32.01, "beckett", 3.0, 255, 255, 255, 255, 200, false)
    create3DText("*some #FF0000c#ffa500o#ffff00l#00ff00o#0000ffr#551a8be#ff69b4d#FFFFFF text* with testlos", 705.83, -159.25, 25.01, "arial", 2.0, 255, 255, 255, 255, 200, true)


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