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Goodbye my friend (car)

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I dont know if its the right place to post it here, but i guess my friend deserved a bit attention for the service he has done. (If not tho just delete this thread)

Well.. I own this car for about 2 years by now. Its my first own car and I gotta say, I Love it!
Its not a Porsche/Ferrari/Lamborghini or whatever, but for me personally its so much more than that..
This little fella gave me freedom, a lot of fun and many good memories but since its falling apart because it is already 19 years old (It has the right to do so) I sadly have to leave him to our cars heaven..




I will miss you my friend, thanks for everything, you were the most trustworthy friend i had in a very long time..
RIP Citroen Saxo 1.1



Sorry if anyone clicked on this topic and thought a real person died

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imagine your car being the most trustworthy friend you have, you've fallen deep gorex.. now get a new car

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