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Global Spanish Chat.

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My suggestion is the following: I do not know if in this team, '' Vultaic '' have any member who speaks Spanish.

But the language chat by countries in Spanish, does not work at any point, maybe on other continents, but in Latin America it is the worst idea.


2 Argentina, 1 Chile, 1 Peru, 1 Venezuela, 3 Colombia.. RIP comunication

So please we need a Global Spanish Languaje including all latin american countries and Spain

Please I hope you take this into account, to avoid unnecessary mutes and expulsions.


Thanks, SymoN.


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Its pointless to split "latinoamerica" into different made up "languages" there's no "argentinian" language nor "chilean" nor "colombian" nor "paraguayan" 

Welcome to the chein classroom now, I'll teach you how many countries in latinoamerica speak the SAME language

Resultado de imagen para paises que hablan español

This are the countries that speak spanish (I dont know the one in africa)
The only country in latinoamerica which its habitants doesnt speak spanish is BRAZIL

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