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Found 3 results

  1. Hello players, Even though I'm kinda new to this server I must say, I already like Vultaic a lot. It is a great server with a lot of potential. I enjoy playing here and I think I have few ideas that I'd love to share. Note: Due to my lack of experience with creating such things like the garage or server itself, it is possible that I will mention some suggestions that are impossible to make. Just know that I totaly get it and please apologize that. Suggestions Stickers - possibility to be able to save designs/liveries - by that I mean: for example I make one desing with stickers, and I want to save it somewhere and make another one, then possibly switch between them - possiblity of changing the size of written stuff (not only by changing the scale) and fonts - resolution of some stickers could be improved and more stickers would be also nice but I understand that this depends also on other players and what they want to add so I'm cool with that, but more basic shapes like triangles, circles or rectangles would be great - overall more slots, even 32 for donators isn't much - last but not least, do a different section or something just for making your own stickers or whole desings/liveries and then add them on your car or share them for others to use, there could be also this thing, that if someone wants to use sticker/livery made by somebody else, the person who made it gets like 100 bucks for it (he made sticker, someone else wants to use it or likes it and person who did it gets a reward) I know, the last point is a bit more complex ? and probably difficult to make but I thing, it would make a whole new comunity of players... I also know that you can probably make stickers or desings in different programs and just add it here, but me for example. I am not really good with working in those programs like Ps etc. So I'd highly appreciate something like this and I thing there's more players that will too. Btw as some of you already know, I took few ideas from Forza Horizon/Motorsport and their system of personalization. ? Shooter/DD - adding scoreboard with top wins on each map would drag more people to these gamemodes I think Few other things - when you select a map in DM - Training it is not really visible which map you've chosen - everytime I connect to the server I have to go to F7 and turn on the extreme draw distance, is there a way to save these settings on individual accounts? That's probably everything I wanted to mention. I'm sure I forgot something but whatever. ? Please note: These are just suggestions. I'm not forcing anyone to do something. Here are just my ideas that I personally think would improve the server and move it a bit closer to perfection. ? Thank you for your patience and have a nice one ^^
  2. Hello guys. I would like to present to you my first Shooter Frag Movie, i took a while to editing and uploading it because I've been busy the last few weeks and I'm glad that i finished and uploaded it, i hope you enjoy watching it. Watching in 1080p⁶⁰ is advised. Song : Carl Nunes & Ale Mora - Running (feat. Karen Inder) PS: i would like to hear positive comments and advices if you have any of them feel free to share it with me so i can improve myself on it. Sincerely, Eleven.
  3. Hey There It have been a while since my last montage even tho I lost the motivation for it, I have been planning for the 4th one since a while, and here is it. Hope you enjoy! (I didn't know where to post it since there is no "videos and montages" or "General Discussion" sub-forum so I decided to post it here) 1080p⁶⁰° is advised Credits: Song: NOIXES - Focused (ft. iSH) Infernus mod: Blueray's Lexus LS500-F Infernus Mod (https://ffs-gaming.com/threads/85477-Blueray-s-Lexus-LS500-F-Infernus-Mod) GTA SA Remastered Effects: By Ezekiel_RN (https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/99274-gta-sa-remastered-effects) Retexture: SRt3 Mipmap 2014 (https://www.moddb.com/mods/srt3-mod) Sincerely, IsGh
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