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  1. Clan name: 3AGLE Website: Soon Contact details: xxgeraxx (Skype) Type of competition: (only DM for now) Date and time: 16/12/2018 - 18:00 Hrs. GMT +2 Vultaic Players: - - - - - Reserves: - - - 3AGLE Players: - - - - - Reserves: - - - Rules: By challenging us, you accept our rules. If your clan does not agree a rule you have the right to discuss about the rule(s) with Vultaic's Clanwar Managers. General rules All of the clan members are allowed to play. Any kind of provoking and insulting words are forbidden. Only clan representatives are allowed to talk in the main chat. Using a mod that affects the gameplay is not allowed. Deathmatch rules: In case of a draw, clanwar managers will decide how will the clanwar continues/end. If someone times out before the map starts, the map will be re-done. If someone times out while the map is running, we play further. If someone breaks the ping limit, he must be replaced. If noone reaches the hunter, the clan with the player who got furthest gets the point. In case of map limit, hunter map will be redone. Skipping vehicle change pickups is not allowed. Skipping useless nitro/repair pickups is allowed. Driving backward parts forward and driving roof parts forward is allowed. Backshooting while getting hunter is not allowed. Shooting cars before the countdown is allowed. Spraying the cars is not allowed. Spraying is not allowed (maximum 3 shots in 5 seconds). When both clans have 2 or less player during a hunter fight, the hunter fight will continue in a closed map. Countdown will be 5 seconds and it will start after 5 seconds when someone gets hunter first. Minimum FPS: 36 Maximum FPS: 51 Maximum ping: 310 ***Date and Time can be changed***
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