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  1. In-game name: STRANGER Discord name (ex. Name#0001): STRANGER#4421 Serial: 3DE191B8BEBA63B9704AD6003B1FB391 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: I have experience in some gamemodes but more on shooter, I was also a former member of Vultaic. (I can help with ideas like I did a few months ago).
  2. Good job. looks great
  3. Stranger


  4. Yes, you should contact your company. and will not have problems.
  5. It's your internet, the same thing happened to me. as it says nameless is the same with other servers?
  6. I think he plays ffs, and I think it would be a copy. It would be better to minimize the damage of the vehicle instead of repairing it but I don't say that his idea is bad
  7. Welcome back brother:)
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