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  1. Hey all, My nickname is Scionz, real name is Dolev, 21 years old live in Israel and currently serve in army. My history began back in 2012 which an old friend showed me a server dm in samp that called "New dawn" It was a good server But later I fulfilled this server. I saw someone mention game called "MTA" and I was interested So I decided to install it for checking out what is all about. My first servers I played were -ffp- , [TPG] , VIP then I was looking for more servers and found -ffs- , -[TG]- , /TfF\ . ER# now i found Vultaic server which remind me ER server haha and I like this server. My history with teams is less ? I was in teams like .5 , Le' ( can't remember more xd) my current clan is INT. I play only MTA for now cause i don't like other games . ? In my free time I like to play computer, working out , go out with friends listening music. funny facts about me: I used to drink only water till age like 18 years old. and I play this game almost 6 years without any breaks. ? That's all about me, I you want to get in touch with me You can find me in game. Cya all in game. :) -Scionz-
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