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  1. Your ban will be lifted this Sunday (2019.05.26, 12:05) Since we cannot make sure whether it was your friend or not, you must change your password and the next time we have another suspiction of account sharing you will be banned permanently.
  2. UppeR


    You've been unbanned. Please try to keep yourself away from misunderstandings in the future.
  3. UppeR


    The player will be punished,thanks for reporting.
  4. I close this as your evidence has remained insufficient and the other player claimed he was just joking around. @TRNDSTTR please refrain from jokes the other player can feel insulted/annoyed by.
  5. Please fix your picture you have given as an evidence so we can take a look on this properly.
  6. The truth has been told there already, altough you might have switched the Reason line with the Addittional information one accidentally. I have nothing to comment on your immature behaviour furthermore, waiting for someone to judge in this.
  7. The player has been punished, thanks for reporting.
  8. Unbanned. Please make sure this will not happen in the future.
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