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  1. Hello, showcasing what will soon enough be released, completely new and crazy from my modelling skills, Infernus Vulcan. Inspired by Aston Martin Vulcan, or maybe too much, fitted on the body of Infernus and re-modified to the extent of beautiful connecting lines and so on. The download link will come later, when bugfixes are done.
  2. fam i apologized like 20 times?

  3. Not my fault you turned evil ?

    1. Hey man plz unban ty
  4. and mine isn't any good? ?

  5. go feed ur turtles

  6. NoHear

    Show yourself !

    We're sorry, we already contacted FBI over this situation. We don't know how will they address it.
  7. NoHear

    Epic Vehicles

    save your eyes pls
  8. Hello, probably not everyone from here knows infamous NoHear from Drunk Drivers Club, but here I am with introduction. So, I'm 22 years old David from Slovenia, tiny country that most people mix with Slovakia. I am currently studying Architecture in second year, however I'm starting to be more interested in 3D modelling aswell, probably will switch study to that after I finish with architecture. My main goal was to be designing buildings and structures in racing games, or any other games involving racing etc. In my entire life I've won few karting tournaments, four first places, one second place and one champion trophy for 2 hours endurance karting. Also current holder of track record on 2018 karting circuit nearby. Now onto MTA history. Started playing GTA SA far back in 2006, on Crazy Ass Stunters (Server later on), till 2009 when friend from DDC community offered me better platform called MTA, I tried it out and I couldn't stop playing since then. Been only in very few clans, at first KRO, then created TPI which is barely active today (1 player active of like 20?), invited to FOTL by infamous Tails, stayed there till 2014 or when was DDC merged with FFS, after that I re-joined TPI with one of best friends. In 2015 I joined DDC, which was cool clan atleast until they became less and less active, also members got annoyning with daily LoL & Fortnite talks, besides that DDC development didn't want to develop any further, so that was final nail in the coffin for 9 years of DDC era for me, wanted to reach 10th year anniversary for myself, but it'll never come. Then I got clanless at beginning of July 2018, started helping little promising communities with mods, denying obvious stupid MTA streamers/wannabe youtubers on Skype daily, until @Mirage contacted me for some little work I could do for him. I accepted and I started liking this community more and more seeing how development is working tightly with other various branches of development, unlike on other communities I had been to. I'm looking forward to success of this project, in which I am also investing my time. See you on servers, comrades. NoHear.
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