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  1. Nickname: Driver Discord username: Driver#6948 Why should we pick you: I did some BETA testing for some few servers back in the days and i guess i know where to look when it comes to find bugs etc. I'll try my best to help you guys with the developing of the server What dates and times are you available: Everyday from 5PM to 3AM (GMT+1) Computer specification: AMD FX-6300 , Asus R7 260x 2GB , RAM 8GB (yea it's a pretty old PC xd) Additional Information: - Do you agree to the rules above: Yep
  2. looks dope indeed,i hope i don't have to sell a kidney for buying that stuff kekw
  3. Hey guys! I'm trying to find someone who can finish my map, If you are interested contact me via Skype: streetking971
  4. Hi,as the title of this topic say it will be possible to have more slots for stickers? I mean for me the 16 slots that are already on the server are a bit few imo. P.S:If someone already wrote this suggestion i'm sorry for that
  5. @Yuno this one is 960x960 i hope it's good now :)
  6. ik there is one 7m logo already on the server but if u can add this one too would be awesome cuz that one sux imo.
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