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  1. anyone want make ft map??

  2. Yes, you're right. I thought to myself copying the spawn and then leave the map as it is would've made no difference. Hence my ideas, also this isn't for Track Matters anymore xD. Just a series to fuck off from decorating and detailed maps. But yeah nothing special just a 5 hour project.
  3. In-game name: 'TC|DarkyZ Discord name: DarkyZ#7003 Serial: 02690EAC85425C5392ED4E292ED88094 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: I was in zurio :3. But no, actually I've been in a lot of beta tests including my own clan's. So I have a vast idea of finding bugs, which particular gamemodes to try. Plus I'm an old shooter player, might be one of the few to actually test shooter. ( hopefully more ).
  4. itz me man, superstitum, enjoy video. qo subscribe ! Recorded by Risky#
  5. Track: DarkyZ, N3xT and KarNikkl ( karni for the beautiful 2 sided parts ) Deco : DarkyZ and N3xt ( first 30 seconds and pillar art ), Rest the whole map Is decorated by Nebla. Hope you like the map, peace.
  6. Recorded by : Alcatraz I'm very happy to release this map as it was just a dead project for a very long time. After seeing my very dear friend MegaDream's wedding, I had the great idea of making this into a tribute. Hope you guys like it.
  7. Play the map I made with @Division best mapper and @Lukas not so best mapper Very nice map tbh
  8. Didn't see this coming Excited for whats coming !!
  9. Oh god yes, that’d be nice. Sometimes just forgetting that ER doesn’t exist anymore, I tend to write bm [ map name ] lmao. Hope Dizz adds this :3
  10. DarkyZ

    Toad lmao

    ? @Selvis not sure if you know that me and toad are pretty close friends. ( this wasn’t serious in short words )
  11. DarkyZ

    Toad lmao

    selvis *cough* commenting *cough* that *cough* Also just to be clear, I’m unmuted already but the reason for the mute was because of a small message once on discord to Toadflox obv, and I think taking that serious if I’m right? Seems like a bitch move and overall childish lmao. ( also I did not spam him so yeah )
  12. DarkyZ

    Toad lmao

    reporting admin staff: toadflox <3 reason: hes not a nice person and muted me for a nice request which was asking for a redo in DM mode. That is very rude of you toadflox :( date: 19/11/2018 evidence: none, no need. addiontal text: Pls unmute toad i love u
  13. DarkyZ


    lmao dis guy again.. hi rechi
  14. A few parts are just so badly made... The deco seems rushed lmao, it’s basically some rocks with a tree and a bush and some rocks ain’t even decorated. Good effort anyway, Hoped to see something better from you Bootje.
  15. @Cheetah LOVELY TO SEE U HERE MY CAT FUKAAAER also gz the other shit trials lma0oo
  16. Reporting User/Staff member: FlameKc Reason: insulting me and my friend zarku, being very disrespectful about my country. Provoking Date: 26/06/2018 13:30 Evidence: Shown below. Any additional information (optional: So basically everybody knows this flame guy for being banned everywhere for his behavior. He started provoking and insulting after he saw that i was a TC member as he has bad relations with us for his cancer behaviour. I hope he gets banned because we dont really need people like him here.
  17. DarkyZ

    Clan Hunter

    do u mean how many times he’s gotten the hunter from passing a map? If so.. I don’t think that’s of any importance tho xd. Still idk might be useful to some people.
  18. Also I noticed there’s no ghostmode at spawn when the map is loading, Please fix this. It’s so annoying being stuck inside other players... @Mirage
  19. Awesome idea, new maps would probably make the room more fun actually xd. And getting repair after killing someone is applied mechanic in some servers, but it would be fun to have it here too.
  20. After playing at the server before hand and release, My most favourite part about the tour was the shooter room and I noticed that there’s something missing. Anti-kmz, for most of you it might be just a stupid idea to add anti-kmz because you have no knowledge of shooter. My suggestion is to add anti-kmz to shooter arena to keep the room more stable and fresh and less toxic. This topic will totally depend on your opinions .
  21. Is there cat vinyls for cat fans such as me ? That’d be pretty cool. hype btw !
  22. Damn this seems like an awesome thing to work on, But still not active in mta yet. Would’ve taken dis:((
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