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  1. Trend


    Truly interesting idea. Instagram is very used social media and I have no doubts about further popularity at all. Everything depends on owners/leaders.
  2. Nickname: Trend Discord username: Trend.GG#3227 Why should we pick you: I have valuable experiences from The Crew BETA testing. After more than a decade in this game I had couple of DD servers in the past, there were many bugs, so I needed to find them and fix them. I will do my best for you. What dates and times are you available: Every single day from 12:00 to 00:00 (CET) Computer specification: Additional Information: @Jmick Maribor Šampion Do you agree to the rules above: Yes, obviously.
  3. Nice to see progress there. Congratulations to the trials aswell!
  4. Glad to hear that guys, wishing best of luck!
  5. Trend


    hi punk.
  6. I won't hide my dissapointment. In current recruitment I had really hard oponents, especially one of my best friend in MTA- @Jmick. He deserved this chance to improve DD room more than me. I am ready to help him out of Vultaic as much as I possibly can if there will be any issue. I am also very happy for @Mazda, we wanted to join together, but it is what it is. I am sure you'll be best Shooter manager there. I hope I will visit you in real life in Napoli (apparently this year). Also JmicK in Slovenia! ? Thanks goes to leadership for nice site features. Honestly you did a great job. ?
  7. What about flags of nations/countries? Honestly, I am very proud of my country. What do you think about this suggestion?
  8. Trend

    Epic Vehicles

    Green-camo style. ? Do you see anything? ? Special thanks goes to Fano23!
  9. Trend

    Map wishes

    iRenox- For the love of ZenoS [UPLOADED]
  10. (it seems like Zurio volium 2 tbh) I wish you a good luck Divi with leadership and new project, also for Mirage, ToxicFlox and T3xt. I hope this community will safe my life, not like that TG jk.
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