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  1. Unfortunately we do not allow unofficial clients, you need to use the official Minecraft client with a paid account.
  2. Dear Vultaic, While we are still working on our Multi Theft Auto server and doing beta testing we understand that many of you are bored. Therefore we have decided to open up a Minecraft server for the Vultaic community. There is however a bit of a twist. You see, the Minecraft server is an anarchy, as in, there are no rules and no moderators whatsoever. You do what you want. To force players to stay close enough to each other and differ from other, infinite world, anarchy servers we have decided to restrict the server to a 4000 by 4000 playable area enforced by a world border. This res
  3. Dear Vultaic, The private beta registrations are over and we have finished our internal voting. First of all I want to thank each of you for taking the time to apply to be part of this beta test but unfortunately to make our testing as efficient as possible we had to make a selection. That said we want to congratulate @DarkyZ, @airplaNe, @LeCC, @Mondim and @Pariston on becoming beta testers! We are sure that each of you will do a tremendous job in helping us test our server and hope you will have fun while doing so. Sincerely, The Vultaic development team
  4. It says the track doesn't matter tho? Not that it matters.
  5. You can obtain your serial ingame. Join a server, press f8 (opening up the console) and then type in "serial". It will then appear in the console.
  6. Dear Vultaic, I am thrilled to announce that today we are opening up registrations for a private beta of our server. Throughout this beta we will slowly release more and more content so that we can keep your focus on testing the features that we need to test. The private beta will start on 11 August 2019. What do we expect of our testers? Your availability, we need people that are willing to help us test features and give us feedback on what we need to fix or change. Remember, the private beta starts on 11 August 2019. Your confidentiality, we expect all of our testers to
  7. Megadreams


    Is the first post going to be fixed or did you remove it for a reason? For now I'll lock the topic, send me a PM if the first is the case.
  8. Oh hi there. Whoever got you into MTA must be really amazing!
  9. Welcome at Vultaic! Enjoy your stay here.
  10. Huge thanks to everyone supporting this! We'll do our very best to make your stay at Vultaic as enjoyable as possible and give you the entertainment you all so desperately sought in the racing community.
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