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  1. You have a reserved spot in hell for suggesting that.
  2. Lukas


    I was not aware that someone in the room has also the same name as me, so I assumed you directed that to me. Since I noticed you said 'lukas' at the end of your 'statement', I asked the staff (particularly Sebi) to translate what you said - It was something quite offensive. At that point I genuinely thought you were talking to me. [2019-05-01 13:50:37] [Output] : Shacz0r^: halt die fress du hurensohn ich ficke deine mutter scheiss nazu lukas [2019-05-01 13:50:45] [Output] : ~Sebi: hi ludi btw [2019-05-01 13:50:53] [Output] : DoA|LudiSincba~: Hey ? [2019-05-01 13:50:58] [Output] : ~Sebi: : - ) [2019-05-01 13:51:10] [Output] : (Staff) .:DoA:.Lukas: tf did he sau [2019-05-01 13:51:12] [Output] : (Staff) .:DoA:.Lukas: say* [2019-05-01 13:51:29] [Output] : (Staff) //Er1k: how can a turk speak german [2019-05-01 13:51:29] [Output] : (Staff) ~Sebi: ehhh [2019-05-01 13:51:45] [Output] : (Staff) ~Sebi: stfu son of a bitch i fuck your mother fucking nazi [2019-05-01 13:51:48] [Output] : (Staff) ~Sebi: :S [2019-05-01 13:51:53] [Output] : (Global) nakii: + [2019-05-01 13:51:57] [Output] : (Staff) .:DoA:.Lukas: mute then? [2019-05-01 13:52:00] [Output] : (Staff) //Er1k: ban* If what you are saying is true then I'm sincerely sorry. There was no need to make a bubble out of nothing since it was a short mute period, though.
  3. Welcome namesake, enjoy your stay ?
  4. Lukas

    Map wishes

    Apologies, wrong tag. Nice advertising, though.
  5. Lukas

    Map wishes

    [OS] Ryan - Ella Elle [UPLOADED] [OS] PAwlo ft Ryan - Electroshock [UPLOADED] [OS] =Land Mine= V1 By JameS (Also James v7, v8 [DM]) [UPLOADED] [DM] KacaK - Xtreme Silence (Maybe the rest of Kacak masterpieces as well) [UPLOADED] [OS] Krzysztof - Mimesis [UPLOADED] [OS] RadziuzPolski - Polish Dream [OS] RadziuzPolski - Peace is my love DD Will be updated overtime
  6. It's more relevant for Modern DM maps, I doubt there are any communities who has fixed Oldschool maps as it is a part of oldschool itself and is accepted by everyone. This is something whole administration and community should agree on, imo.
  7. Let this be a success, Vultaic!
  8. Nickname: L'ukas Contact (Discord or Skype): L'ukas#1827 Why do you think we should pick you as a BETA tester?: I personally don't have any experience regarding Beta testing, yet I want to somehow get involved in this community. I mean, +10 years of playtime might be useful for once: I got some experience in OS and recently picked up Shooter, so I could be useful testing those gamemodes or stuff in general. Additional information: #GoV!
  9. Please, why do you have to remind me about this crap again
  10. Voltiac sounds better regardless @Division Good luck fam!
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