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  1. I dont know if its the right place to post it here, but i guess my friend deserved a bit attention for the service he has done. (If not tho just delete this thread) Well.. I own this car for about 2 years by now. Its my first own car and I gotta say, I Love it! Its not a Porsche/Ferrari/Lamborghini or whatever, but for me personally its so much more than that.. This little fella gave me freedom, a lot of fun and many good memories but since its falling apart because it is already 19 years old (It has the right to do so) I sadly have to leave him to our cars heaven.. I will miss you my friend, thanks for everything, you were the most trustworthy friend i had in a very long time.. RIP Citroen Saxo 1.1 Sorry if anyone clicked on this topic and thought a real person died
  2. May i also add that it would be amazing to share designes? Like if somebody makes a themed Infernus for a clan, that he can save and share it to his friends and maybe if you add a garage to the forum so anybody can up/download his very own design for eveybody. sorry me Drunk cuz im on carneval so bad england
  3. Thanks for your answer although, I can promise you, i have nothing to do with the things happend on your database/forum. From my point of view its stupid to do such things and i dont even know how to do this kinda stuff. Sincerly, GoreXTV
  4. Your nick (Which you were banned with): TC'^Gore[X]^ Your account username: GoreXTV Serial:B6C87FB7FE12C2013e600649C15AA534 Administrator that banned you: Dizzaster Why were you banned: I dont know Date: 19.01.2019 i guess Additional information:
  5. Yes i know that you dont like me because what happened at the time when i recorded your map. But i think thats a think that we should discuss private. Also as long as i played on this server i've never done something inappropriate, so i think i should get a 2nd chance.
  6. Sure i got no problem with that. Thanks for your answer.
  7. Good evening, so i just have been banned from the server. Dont how for how long or for what reason. A guy was banned permanently from the server and people started talking about him about what he did and what so ever. I clearly didnt know him and i was curious so Ramsy started to explain me what this guy did. The following chat shows everything that dizzaster wrote to me and everything i said to him in particular. (Global) TC'^Gore[X]^: ramsy #GameX: its an amazing map (Global) TC'^Gore[X]^: tell me more (Global) TC'^Gore[X]^: what did he do (Global) TC'^Gore[X]^: im curious FFGBeyond: y its (Global) DizzasTeR: he sucked a german's dick just like you (Global) DizzasTeR: now shut the fuck up (Global) TC'^Gore[X]^: look at me im dizzaster and im not funny Then he banned me. You'll be the judge, did i deserve a Ban for that or not. And if not, may I be unbanned? Sincerly, GoreXTV
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