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  1. Hello Vultaic, Today we discovered a security flaw in the old Vultaic server which has gone unnoticed until now. With the launch of another MTA server which is using the old Vultaic scripts that got deleted from our servers, we discovered that the previous developers of Vultaic created a very insecure 'Remember Me' function on the login screen, meaning that any server on MTA can actually read your Vultaic (or the new communities) login details including your full username and password in plain text (aka not encrypted). To protect your forum account from unauthorized access, we recommend you change your forum password straight away, if you used the same password elsewhere we recommend you change it there too. Once you have changed your password, the details stored with the old login screen become invalid and essentially useless. Regards, Vultaic Management. P.S. We will be announcing information about the upcoming Capture The Flag event over the next few days, stay tuned!
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