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  1. Actually looks awesome. Great work!
  2. Try to include some evidence that could support your accusations. Also, admitting that you were provoking only makes it obvious that @UppeR did the right thing here.
  3. Haxzor will be dealt with. Thank you for reporting.
  4. We appreciate your various reports about this issue, but it seems like @ToadFlox already answered every single message he received regarding the same problem. Can't really promise you any fix for your specific issue since the developers can't seem to find anything wrong with the code. Will dig around and see where the problem originates and keep this topic updated. Hopefully we'll include a 'fix' in one of our updates. I'll be locking this topic in the meantime to prevent any flooding, but i'll be posting here myself whenever something new comes up.
  5. After reading all of these logs, y'all provoking each other back and forth. Locking the thread to prevent further spam/flood until an admin decides whether to warn every single one of you or punish you all.
  6. Some UI updates regarding the Stream are planned already. Thanks for suggesting.
  7. Corex


    Thanks for your amazing contribution. Both of these suggestions are spot on!
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