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  1. Hey guys, so today I brought you my first map in ages and decided it to be my first volume. I have already uploaded this map a few times on Vultaic to receive feedback on it, in order to fix things that were hindering the playability of the map. So today, I'm glad to bring you a more polished version of my map and officially release it to the public.This map is very much inspired by one of my many favorite old time mappers, LethaL. It is based off of his first volume - OldBack. I think the name I gave it, "NewBack" is very fitting to my case since I haven't mapped in a long time and I came back fresh and new this year. My old mapping style was completely different before this map and now I have decided to make maps which to some extent can feel nostalgic to some old players. I always see this newer re-creations of old maps by known mappers, but they just have too many modern techniques put into them, which strip off any nostalgic feeling and only makes it less meaningful. I've still got a lot in store for y'all, I've got upcoming feats that I know you will like.
  2. Hey peeps, so this is pretty late but I thought I would just write it for the funzees and possibly make new friends, who knows. First off, let's start with my name. My name's Alex, I will be 18 years old by the end of the month and I come from Romania, but currently living in Germany. My nationality is also Hungarian. Yeah, I know. I'm all over the place ?. I've been playing this game since August, 2012 with a lot of experiences accumulated throughout the years. I've always been isolated from all mainstream clans, servers for example FFS, SKC, TG, DDC, Neon or any other big clan that was around. Well that recently kinda changed. I've been playing around bigger servers more and I find it fun so far. Vultaic is by far now my favorite server, 'cause it has a nicer community and feeling to it. It also reminds me of the good old days in Empire of Riders. Some might remember me, some might not, my nick back in 2014-2016 was WhiT3R and it recently changed to Helios. I decided to give myself a new name just so... I start new in a manner of speaking. I'm a pretty skilled player, you will probably see me first on classic DM most of the time, until a cut that I don't know comes across ? I can tell you guys, I fucking suck at backwards driving or anything related to backwards ? Oh yeah and I hate HDM. I'm more of an old fag. I always cling to 2012 maps and don't like modern maps so much. Other than that, I am currently the new leader of "From Hell" if anyone still remembers the clan and I hope to see you in-game. Game on, fellow MTA players! ?
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