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  1. Contact me on Discord, I'll try to help. @Cykz MIRAGE#2066
  2. Denied. Your behaviour is too mocking.
  3. I've removed your ban. Dantax and Akikan are perma banned.
  4. Mirage

    Nebla - 365

    Kanka dekor iyi güzel geliştirmişsin kendini. Fakat track aşırı sıkıcı ve random duruyor. Bir sağ bir sola gidiyorsun ve yenilik yok yani onu da geliştirirsen güzel olur. Edit: Ve partlara araç neredeyse hiçbir zaman tam oturmuyor, bu da çirkin bir görüntü oluşturuyor.
  5. Kinda liked this part. Like & dislike commands are already in our to-do list.
  6. My turn: yes, right, it is fake lol
  7. We hope that such action will not be repeated. You are unbanned.
  8. Thanks for your effort. But I still think the same. Closed.
  9. Maybe a bit too late but, we do not want to add "/bm" command simply because some people will probably, but probably, abuse it. I.e. when a new map is starting, several people will a key bound and flood it to buy their maps.
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