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  1. In first place, hello! Quick real life introduction: 21 years old from Chicago, although I live in Spain due to work, I earn a living working in a paint store in the capital, also my name BomZ comes from my graffiti passion since 11 years now, almost the same time I have been playing MTA and DM servers. I've been past 8 years administrating a RPG server I'm not going to mention as I don't want to get in advertisement trouble, I lost the touch with the marojity of the clan which left and I decided to stop playing this gamemode which lost its fun for me in MTA, I'd say I love DM, DD and any tipe of racing gamemode anyway so that's why I'm here. I don't wanna make a thousand word text about me, so yeah, I chose this server not for the quantity of people, but for the quality. ? See ya all around and stay fun. ?
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