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  1. Congratulations to the new trials, you surely deserved it!
  2. Hello dear @StealthGamer! I do not really think that /voteredo command will be useful. There will be dozens of complains about it, on purpose they haven't added it to the server. Same for /like and /dislike commands. What's the point of that script to be added? Does it help somehow? I think no. Getting know who is spectating you is also useless script. There's no point for me about all the commands you suggested. Best Regards, Nikolay.
  3. That's why I always have a resource that allows only certain serials or IP addresses to connect to the server. It's simple, you can add or remove serials or IP addresses at anytime you want. That would prevent something bad or harmful from happening. It's childish behavior from @ProGear's side. I hope you restore your lost maps.
  4. Reducing lag and increasing FPS for a better gameplay 1. I have quite often noticed a lot of players going through extreme lags which may ruin the gameplay experience. I have came up with a solution without actually spending money or buying new PC. Removing unnecessary mods: Mods can cause lags therby ruining your gameplay. Unistall all the unnecessary modifications especially graphic ones since they take longer to be read. Some modifications such as skins will not have any affect over your gameplay, so you can keep them if you want. Lowering your ping: High ping can mean big lags for you and it is often caused when you have multiple applications running on your PC. In order to decrease your ping - simply open the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and close all the unnecessary applications such as uTorrent, Browsers and more. Utorrent is a big consumer of internet, so make sure it is turned off; this will help you lowering your ping. Optimizing your PC for gaming: First step is locating your Control Panel and set view on Small or Large Icons, then find Power Options. When you have done all of this, select on High Performance. If that option is not available for you, then click on Show Additional Plans and an option will show up. You will experience some slight changes in your FPS. Using Game Boosters: This may not sound very good but it surely helps. It is simple as it sounds; Install the program, open it and you are ready to go! There are many game boosters but personally I prefer Razor Game Booster (Click to download) or IOBit Game Booster (Click to download) since they are free and work like a charm. Setting processor priority: When your game is running in the background - open the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL), then navigate to Details tab and look for gta_sa.exe. Then right-click on it and set priority to high. Decreasing game colors: Obviously, this is the easiest method and you might have already tried it. If not, then simply locate your GTA San Andreas folder and right-click on your gta_sa.exe. Select properties and then select Compatibility tab and tick the Reduced color mode and select 8-bit (256) color, then click on Apply and OK. 2. Ajust Windows Advanced Settings Windows offers you the possibility to increase your computer performances, however, your desktop might look less attractive after applying this optimization. Open any folder and paste this in the address bar ”Control Panel\System and Security\System“ Click on ”Advanced System Settings“ Go to ”Advanced” tab, click on ”Settings…“ Check the “Ajust for best performance” button and then click apply 3. Use Cleanup & Optimization Windows Software Use CCleaner (Click to download) for system cleanup (If you have a RAM which is less than 4GB I do not recommend using like that programs) Use JetBoost (Click to download) for system optimization (Specially Game Optimization)
  5. Hello everyone! I came up with new idea which will be very useful in my opinion. We need a topic where people can report shortcuts on maps with a specific format like; Map Name: Map Author(s): Number of Shortcuts: If your evidence contains screenshots, you will have to instruct the shortcut with paint. Shortcut #1; evidence(screenshots or video): Shortcut #2; evidence(screenshots or video): Best Regards, Nikolay.
  6. This would be totally useless in my opinion. Basically, the server has like 40~50 players peak. It is not really hard to find an admin, even you can check currently online players in F7 in Statistics tab and you will easily see online admins. Admins are disabling their private messages due to massive spam by players that are lazy to press F7 and navigate to Help tab, also because of senseless questions. You can see in which arena is admin playing by scoreboard, it shows all the arenas and players in it, it's not really hard. About helping, you can kindly ask him to enable private messages in Global Chat, or straight telling him what's the problem that you experience.
  7. I'm more than satisfied! Just unbelievable! You guys are improving everytime. Looking forward to see more.
  8. Welcome, you will surely enjoy your stay here!
  9. The title is pretty self explanatory, post what made you choose your current nickname.
  10. Hello peeps! It's been a really long time since I've done something like this. Some of you may know me some of you may not. I am just a normal player trying to make new friends, and of course, have fun. I’d like to say hello to the community as I have decided to join and stick around in here as my primary society. My name is Nikolay Stoyanov and I'm mostly known in-game as Nikolay. I'm almost 22 years old and I'm currently living in Ruse, the city where I was born. I'm studying technology at the best university of technical in my country, The Technical University, based in Sofia. My studies are harder than before, this year I need to treat patients but it's only a thing of practice, that's why I will have more time to spend in this game. It has been a long time since I'm playing MTA:SA and I could write all day long about my seven ten experience in this game but I will briefly try to point out the most relevant and important things. I started playing the game as a Destruction Derby player but in the mean time I was also playing Death Match and Shooter on some random servers. I would be really happy if I could cut off some parts of my MTA career when I was being silly but that's something that can not be changed and I am happy that I am completely a different person now so I will just put the blame on the age because when you are too young you're carefree and you dont think about the consequences that your acts may bring. Throughout my MTA career I've been in three clans; [Wild] - Don't mess with us, we're Wild! :: (Web & Server Developer, Social Media Manager and Clan Manager) - 2016 / 2018 =FoX= - Red FoXes :: (Destruction Derby Squad Member) - 2015 |3R| - 3lite Racers :: (Destruction Derby Squad Member) - 2012
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