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  1. From the first 15 seconds, I can tell you've missed the point of the map name with this one. Track Matters is, at least I think, supposed to be about driving really well on not a lot of track, and in order to do that well the track (the limited amount of it) has to be mapped well, hence the name. Track Doesn't Matter was alright, there was room for improvement, but you had the right idea with that one. This doesn't feel anything like Track Matters to me.
  2. Donde esta la biblioteca.
  3. I like it, especially the deco at 0:23, although I think you could've done a better job with the ending (you could've mapped it so you actually bounce between those objects nicely). Song selection is also nice.
  4. Sounds like banter provoked by you with noone at real fault here. Just my two cents.
  5. My whole initial post was sorta passive agressive cuz I love the server and I hate that nothing is happening, at least us players don't know jack shit. It's depressing seeing the server take this direction (no communication from devs and no updates to problems that have been there for a long time) that ultimately helped kill TG and prolly some other servers. As for the map fixing part, I'll msg you on Discord.
  6. Considering there's no mention of TDM, the new Infernus, a proper map uploader with a map tracker or any new Vultaic projects (which is why the whole team restructure with the clantag removal and the recruiting of non-clan moderators happened in the first place), can we see fixes/improvements to problems that have been around for a shameful ammount of time? > you can't properly change your rim colour > flipping stickers is unfinished (you can do it, but you have to input negative values) > MTA crashing causes all your F7 settings to reset to default > people can send blank messages > ignoring players does not save after disconnecting from the server > exploded debris in FDD > talk to your mod team or get new mods, they current ones do an underwhelming job of moderating the server, primarily global chat spam > map fixing is even more underwhelming than the previous point (maps that have been reported plenty of times are still not fixed, sc tops still exist, people that should fix the maps on the server rely on being sent fixes rather than fixing maps themselves)
  7. GeForce GTX 960 WindForce 2x, i5-4460, 8 gigs of RAM, mobo is smth by Asustek but I have no idea what. Old rig, really, I plan on upgrading towards the end of the year.
  8. Keyboard is fnatic Streak, mouse is Mionix Naos 7000, pad is Glorious 3XL.
  9. Ignore the kitchen rag, it helps with illuminating the room and desk just how I want it to plus I like feeling like there's a Muslim man in my room at all times. I'm also considering getting one of those brick wall backgrounds for the wall behind the desk (and yes, the monitor is on five notebooks).
  10. Mentioned this a few times but I'll throw it in here as well, I'd really like to see bicycles removed from the vehicle pool as they serve no purpose and something should be done about us bouncing when getting big vehicles like the Dozer, Packer and so on.
  11. GreenX deserved his permaban. You did not. But I can't tell you anything because whatever I tell you is gonna get overruled by the management.
  12. I've always been a fan of your track style, and I loved the decorations in Soulless and Ember - the overall mood, the stuff around the track, the nighttime choice, I liked it all. I'm glad you stuck to your track style, and while I personally would've preferred seeing another map in that deco style, I'm not opposed to this. Only downside to the map is that there's too many billboards.
  13. Basically, what you're asking for is a quality of life update, but QoL updates come behind the things we have prioritised right now - completing TDM, fixing any existing issues like rim colour and some other things.
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