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  1. - Hello, for those of you who don't know me, I go by iKinG. I am a current Graphic Designer for Vultaic. - I am currently selling design packages for $10. Included in the package is a logo, an avatar and a wallpaper with the logo. - My portfolio - https://ikingdesigns.carbonmade.com/ - I know it's not much because I'm changing my design style and am now focusing on only logo designs. I want to build my portfolio but to do that I need customers and to get customers I must self promote. So if you're in need of a cheap but decent quality logo, wallpaper, and avatar feel free to messag
  2. I don't think you understand the use of GFX packs? They're not templates, they're GFX packs? You must not know anything about the designer world if that's the mentality you have. Many, many, professionals use GFX packs, why, because you have too. Eventually you should create your own GFX pack yeah but if you live in the GFX world that is making speedarts of 3D banners then you must use a GFX pack lol.
  3. Don't have to download everything haha. Just look at the names of everything for stuff that interests you. I highly recommend the 0.5k pack and the GOD pack.
  4. In these links you will find a variety of links to download Adobe Photoshop GFX packs, Editing Packs, Color Correction Packs, Presets, Gradients, Fonts, Brushes etc. You will also find C4D Lightroom's, Cinematics, etc. And you will also see some Adobe After Effects Cinematics, Sound FX packs, etc. You're Welcome ? - https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwvitsl780xkb6u/All editing packs.txt?dl=0 - https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcg35jaaq48sqkf/GFX Packs.txt?dl=0 READ: All you have to do to download these is go to the Dropbox links, and copy the links (one at a time) to the packs you want into
  5. Figured I'd make a topic showing off the banner's I used to make a while back, Enjoy.
  6. I like your style mate. I am fond of more minimalist/simplistic things and ideas.
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