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  1. DizzasTeR

    New Gamemode

    Sure but we don't have any RUN maps
  2. Since you keep stressing on your unawareness of the situation that the mute was not a joke or anything I now just feel bad for you, anyhow next time don't think that if you are getting muted or warned its a joke of some sort and try not to counter it. Unbanned
  3. The mute reason obviously is sarcastic don't be hurt over that, also it was just a 10 minutes mute, it wasn't necessary to warn and just because someone isn't showing the signs of being provoked doesn't mean he isn't. Anyhow I really just don't care about people saying bad about me in the back, that's what people do, and to be honest those who I have explained stuff only look at most of you as memes not me. Oh and also you don't have to wait for V to be sold for 2k (xD) Now if you read the unban rules again clearly you should notice that you make an unban request to be sorry for what you did not to blame any staff member, so I guess I'll see what you choose next, most likely "unban or ddos" is what you threatened me with.
  4. You were muted because you kept being provocative, especially towards UppeR Doesn't that make you feel at home
  5. You were banned due to changing nick while being muted and consistently reconnecting causing a chat spam even after being warned, what do you have to say for yourself then?
  6. Can you contact me or Mirage on discord?
  7. I have a few things to mention without dragging this for no reason. - Admins are there to make sure server rules are being followed. Nowhere is mentioned that if 99% of the room says "redo", an admin must do it, if there is, quote it to me. - The point of "everyone knows that community so its not advertisement" may be valid up to some extend but it still doesn't mean we don't have at-least 1 new player who perhaps never played there or doesn't like to play there. - The community compared to with is not any random one but the one which banned Vultaic completely right after we went public, no reasons were given on it. They continuously do what they can to cause harm to us, people have attacked us and still are, and the same community you compared our staff to is causing all the trouble, in every way, you can ask me how and I have a hundred things to tell you on that matter. - I agree the kick was abit harsh, hopefully Toad won't be too aggressive next time, even though he said he didn't do it in rage or something, it wasn't too serious. - PMing the staff later on with insults is the last thing, even if you come here with all the valid proofs that a Vultaic staff did 100% wrong but you start off insulting him in PMs first rather than just reporting, its clearly against the rules. Hopefully you guys understand the situation of each other and get through it. Closed.
  8. Doesn't HDM have /vr to vote for redo if majority wanted it?
  9. Follow the format next time.
  10. 1:53 This is why I banned you. You believe what has been told to you and not even investigate about it, besides that, the reason you got banned is because I was already unhappy with what you did regarding all of that matter and yet you were questioning our actions ingame while you had no right to, myself or other admins are not responsible to explain every single player why they took a certain action on behalf of some serious matters. Still wrong assumptions, no they DID NOT make MOST of it themselves, what I really did get angry about was the fact that the map was literally "Stolen" from me, yes "stolen", look at the video, look at the map name inside the video, you were exclusively told by either Zaja or Zeist or both to give MOST credit to them for "making" this map even though I had made a minute of it before they even joined, this just goes on to show how pathetic they are, and how pathetic you were to just blindly listen to what they said. It's not funny if someone takes "most" of the credits just to prove they did more or accusing the others of not doing anything, this whole chaos really just did start because of this, they claimed something untrue, yes perhaps they made more than 1 min track from me because as I mentioned I had made the first minute already before they joined, how does that make me a "nobody" in the map I literally started myself, you can't just go on infront of hundreds of people and say "oh yea this map? yeah we 2 made it, the other guy is just in there for lulz" that's unfair and I don't sit silent on such matters. Now I know most of the people would be literally getting their salt ready to say "oh so you had such a big grudge over a map?", that's where it comes to the point that things happened due to "this" small map and those who caused it know very well. Not gonna bother watching the video ahead because its clear from this 1 sentence you are either unaware or just as always defending your "friends" or just saying what they told you. I still respect what my fellow staff did in regards of unbanning you, but just know that I didn't mind my worst enemies playing on Vultaic, until they just "play" and have a normal conversation, the moment any of THOSE people start talking that are connected with such agendas, then be prepared for what happened with you. P.S: I never knew you were using new skills that took you time otherwise I wouldn't have bothered, and also people now think I was kicked from FFS perhaps that's a thing now, no I left.
  11. Gorex, recall what you had done, that's your answer. You are not welcomed here from my end. Locked. P.S: Wrong format.
  12. Sorry but no, most of you see it a good thing, but only because your intentions of using it are nice, there are some huge impacts of it if someone wants to screw up.
  13. I was experimenting with it, moved back to old settings.
  14. DizzasTeR


    Implemented. /ignore [ID/Nick] /unignore [ID/Nick] - Resets if you leave server.
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