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  1. imagine your car being the most trustworthy friend you have, you've fallen deep gorex.. now get a new car
  2. Imagine xD! Discord: Nepu#0001
  3. I suggested fixing this over 60 when I was still in Vultaic, but no fucks were given apparently, doesn't surprise me anymore how little care there is to be fair. What happened?: Vehicle pickups do not move your car up a bit to prevent wheels from getting stuck in objects and throwing the car up. When did it happen? (exact date and time if possible): Daily. How to re-produce it?: Get a vehicle changing pickup with a vehicle of which the wheels are lower than your current one (for example: Infernus > Sandking) Additional information (video/screenshot): It's been there since th
  4. update your game if there are any updates, if that doesn't help try reinstalling (use the games' update searcher)
  5. having someone as far ahead of you as konrad or w/e his name is, kind of ruins any surprises in the track
  6. go suck a turtle

  7. Which nickname were you banned with @Fanatik, I can't find your current username in our bans. The only VIP member I found being banned by Czerka is "//^xXbAple>VIP<", but I can't assume that you're this. You'll be unbanned after that.
  8. @iMac There are agreements in-between players and admins for maps that should be removed from multiple arenas, I was planning on internally suggesting this in the near future. OT: I have the same thing setup for my skype, so I personally prefer to be the one contacting others for that reason (for the few times I actually have to use skype). Discord is still the best way of contacting any Vultaic administrator.
  9. VIP members are banned from playing on vultaic, if they leave VIP they can play again. (PM me if you want to know the details).
  10. Regarding map testing; we have a couple of people for testing maps, which are: kenzo, mazda, eleven and myself. It's a weird thing because everyone has a different opinion of what a map should and should not have, which means a map gets uploaded if the testers deems it worthy. If a tester deems it worthy it gets on the server. Aside from that; rooms have their own tester, for example the (H-)DM room maps are primarily tested by T3xt (not a tester but manager) and myself, shooter on the other hand is in general tested by mazda. Each of us has their own way of testing and "must haves". For exam
  11. Requests have been uploaded!: Clan logo from @Cherry Most of @EggplantsfullTaste// requests Requests sent to my DMs by @Coronet @Gerix please upload your clan logo again in a bigger format, as it was too small to use.
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