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  2. What will we do with 150e? @RadheN @Lukas @fano23 @Sirio22 @Krew
  3. Side note for the future: If this merge won't work out, Division is to blame. 

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  4. As I was told to create a topic in order to get issues fixed and things improved, I'm here creating one. I'll sum up everything important that I can still remember and bring a bit of a subjective view to the whole thing. [Glitches]: 1. [Shooter] - This one is a bit tricky to explain. I was about to make a video, however the rounds were usually over faster than I could get it recorded. Imagine 2 players fighting. The first one's point of view is pretty much nothing. That player can't see the opponent in any way. However the mark on mini-map/radar works. The player that can't see his opponent can actually kill the other player, however he can't see anything. The second one's point of view is pretty much normal. His opponent can be seen, however no damage can be done to the first player. You can try to hit him, shoot him or whatever, that player still stays at the same place and HP doesn't change. If there is 3rd player who is spectating the whole thing is able to see everything normally from both sides of view. As I typed, it's pretty hard to explain, however once it's recorded or any of the devs will spot it, I'm sure it'll be fixed immediately. 2. [Race] - Might be a minor thing, however I think it's still something that wasn't really planned. When you activate first or second type of NOS' (nfs/hybrid) feature and get a NOS' pickup, you trigger it and NOS' bar starts running down. While it's running down and you get another NOS' pickup, you have to press the trigger button twice in order to start NOS. This thing (a need of pressing button twice) happens only when you have any NOS' type activated and your NOS' pickup (bar) is running down. [Possible improvements]: [Shooter]: 1. - The current system of repairing your vehicle once you kill someone might not be the best solution. It leads players to kamikaze (killing yourself while killing opponent) opponents without any detriment. (Especially works for players with higher delay.) I can suggest 2 possible ways to improve this state: First option would be limiting repairing of your vehicle after every single kill. There are 2 different types of killing in Shooter. Ground kill and Aerial kill. Ground kill is pretty much known everywhere. You don't jump in order to kill your opponent. Aerial is an exact opposite. You have to jump to kill someone. It means your vehicle must be in the air while you shoot your missile. If that missile hits your opponent, you get an aerial kill. (The basic work with vectors and ground contact.) And limiting repairing to only Aerial kills might be the first solution. You have to kill your opponent by aerial kill in order to get a repair. Second option could be an anti-kamikaze script which will prevent killing from short distances. Might be a harder solution, however it'll be great for ground shooter room too. There are a few factors (delay, the right amount of distance, etc..) which could be tricky to realize this solution. It's obviously up to the developers. [Shooter]: 2. - This could be realizable once the server is more crowded, but third shooter room with ping's and FPS' limitation (~90 ms & 45 FPS) would be a great addition to the server and this gamemode would become enjoyable for every single player. (Applies to DD too.) [Shooter/Hunter/DD]: Disabling the color of marks on mini-map/radar once you're in a clan would be helpful too. Players tend to follow everything what is different in any way or when they are just mad. [DM/OS/Hunter]: Changing the mark on mini-map/radar to something different (maybe color?) once you reach the hunter could be cool. Especially helpful in OS for possible avoidance when you're still driving a vehicle. [Race]: Add spawn change possibility. Really unfair spawns on some maps. [Garage/Upgrade]: I think that adding a possibility to change a color of your missiles is really amazing. Practically usable in the most gamemodes. (Hunter in DM/OS, Hunter itself, Shooter) + I've heard that CTF is coming pretty much soon. (Quite excited.) The colors of bases in this gamemode are usually blue and red. These colors could be used as the colors of missiles too. [Personal preferences/ideas]: [TAB's list]: I find this way of showing players in rooms quite silly. When I play for example in OS and I press TAB, I don't really care who is currently in Lobby and who plays in DM. I want to see who is exactly in OS right away. I have a problem with scrolling in TAB's list considering I usually use only touchpad. I'm sure that TAB's list which will show who is currently in the room with you is a better solution. (By the way, there is already a way to see who plays where. F7 -> Statistics) [Clan]: Really a minor upgrade. Name of the clan you're currently in could appear above your nick. Might be cool to see that when you spectate someone or you're near someone. [General]: 1. - The maps' queue really needs some sorting. Especially in Shooter, OS & Race. OS is already being dealt with, however other gamemodes are horrible because of maps. I could help you guys out with Shooter/Race if you're interested in any of those gamemodes. [General]: 2. - Change the color of certain aspects in the chat. It's really confusing. Keep the color of ''Global'' in the chat and change the color of ''PM'' and server's & gamemodes' notifications.: (''[OS]: Player won the map.'' ''[INFO]: Visit us at www.vultaic.com.'', etc...). P.S. 1: Been a while since I've enjoyed MTA, however you guys have created something, which will cause a difference in the MGM of MTA in the near future. Props to @developers for that. Also, I'm pretty glad for Kasper. Hopefully, it'll be end up ideally for you after those struggles you've been through. P.S. 2: Feel free to cross out anything if it's fixed, implemented or considered. I'll prolly revive this topic when new issues & ideas come around.
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