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  1. Great job Divi. You have outdone yourself this time. jk, love
  2. We would really like you guys to consider sharing your maps with us.

    Trying to bring you the best possible experience on our launch day of 5th of December!

    Anything is welcome! Thank you in advance.

    >>> https://maps.vultaic.com/upload <<<


  3. Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt resttga   Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt megaphone emot  JOSEEEEEE

    1. SurfleXy


      calate ruski pendejo 3x

    2. On-Air
  4. What will we do with 150e? @RadheN @Lukas @fano23 @Sirio22 @Krew
  5. Side note for the future: If this merge won't work out, Division is to blame. 

    1. Canky



    2. shardex


      blames divi already

  6. As I was told to create a topic in order to get issues fixed and things improved, I'm here creating one. I'll sum up everything important that I can still remember and bring a bit of a subjective view to the whole thing. [Glitches]: 1. [Shooter] - This one is a bit tricky to explain. I was about to make a video, however the rounds were usually over faster than I could get it recorded. Imagine 2 players fighting. The first one's point of view is pretty much nothing. That player can't see the opponent in any way. However the mark on mini-map/radar works. The player that can't se
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