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  1. Just update your windoes to the newest versiom that will fix it!
  2. Hello Guys What happened?: Well i was playing HDM like normally everyday until Vander said to me: WTF Kayo? Why are you so fast, Then i realiside i was Faster then everyone way faster! I think its called an fps bug? But i dont really know? So my car drove really fast and i didn't knew how to stop that, i tried fps_limit=52 but didn't work and ingame i showed me too that i play on 52 fps When did it happen? (exact date and time if possible): ehhh 7th april, i think around 21:30 and 22:00 How to re-produce it?: Its the whole time Additional information (video/screensho
  3. Hello! i would love if you could add our Clan Logo to the Garage so our Members or fans could add it to there cars! thanks!
  4. Hey Guys! I Present to you Illu v3 Heroes! i made a Video about it, its only playable on Vultaic! Have fun trying it and you all have a Nice day! (if you want me to Record your map just come here ? : https://discord.gg/eYassEZ Record:
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