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  1. In-game nickname: *On-Air Genre: Lofi chill / lofi hip hop / chill / dnb / rock / metal / I listen to pretty much everything it would be silly to list them all. Discord Mitch#1430 What time and which days are you planning to stream?: I just plan to stream whenever i'm online on the server. So usually weekdays late afternoon / evening. and weekends randomly. Currently my activity on the server has been a bit spotty since I have upcoming deadlines with school and stuff, but that'll be over soon.
  2. Nickname: *On-Air (the star is cuz im fancy like that and not in a clan) Contact (Discord or Skype): Mitch#1430 Why do you think we should pick you as a BETA tester?: I liKe testing and debUgging someone else's projecT and generally testing the software's capability to the max. I Deem myself capable of thIs since I have experience in programming myself not so much in MTA but I dabble. And this is something you might'Ve noticed i'm well versed in the EnglIsh language. Also im not a leaky bucket. Additional information: I'm like super cool. Also for an intership I did, my sole job was to test software so I guess you could say I have experience.
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