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  1. That is like super rude @TorrTon.
  2. Since I was the admin that banned you, I figured I’d give my opinion on the matter aswell. I gave your first warning after a comment of yours saying somethin within the context of: this server is trash, delete this trash server. Reason of the warning was “Behave”. Then you decided to comment with “smd”. It seems that my message was not clear enough afterall. Then you purposely provoked me, again, by repeating your first comment in the global chat, again. Hence the third warning, which resulted in your 1 day ban. You came back (evaded the ban), which caused the 30 day ban. If it really was your friend on his own pc (speaking of the 2nd ban) I still think you deserve to be banned. In short, I think you should be at least banned for the duration of 2 weeks total, due to your inappropriate behavior and/or for sharing your account details. Which you can obviously change by either using the “I forgot my password” option or just ask an admin to send you an email.
  3. Jacsquare


    Make sure you use the right report format. You can just edit this post, no need to make a new topic. Until changed this report will be denied.
  4. Jacsquare


    Seems to be sorted out already. Since your comment (the insult towards your buddy) came pretty much out of nowhere caused by a random transition to German, which obviously created the confusion. Furthermore, we are not able to smell anyone’s real first names therefore it seems more than reasonable for Lukas to take such action. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, thanks for reporting anyhow. Closed.
  5. Welcome dude, enjoy your stay.
  6. There is nothing in the picture.
  7. In an attempt to read through the non sense in this report I'd like to let you know that none of you will be punished, this is however my last (verbal) warning regarding such behaviour. Calling people names like 'monkey' will not be tolerated. Make sure to use the 'report template' next time or your report will not be considered a report and therefore not handled (until made correctly). Closed.
  8. The pictures you're showcasing here only show childish behaviour. I do want to mention that if I see another report where he or someone else is being called 'monkey' you will get a warning. Closed.
  9. Censor did nothing wrong as he most likely (benefit of the doubt) referred to his asshole being black. Doom however will get a warning. Please keep religious comments to yourself and obey the rules. Thanks for reporting.
  10. Will be dealt with, thanks for reporting. ps. /ignore <playername>
  11. Please follow the format.
  12. https://forum.vultaic.com/index.php?/staff/ <— will help you clarify point 2 and 3. Point 1 is an option we could consider, if it’s something useful instead of just ‘good looking’. If there’s no real use for it I don’t see a reason to add it anyway. (I do not know exactly how it looks like on pc but I thought we had something similar already) Good suggestions tho
  13. The kick was only a joke, as childish as your joke. Not anger nor rage. +1 for every big boi coming in with their allegetions without even knowing a single thing about me, wp. Apparently making jokes is only allowed for players nowadays no matter how shit useless or irrelevant they are, if an admin fires right back it's a big 'thing' all of the sudden. Sure, I had no 'legit' reason to kick him. There you go! Mission accomplished. Enjoy. I'm very sorry for hurting you these 5 seconds you could not play on your beloved server (which you are constantly making fun of with Epic Jokes!). Have a nice day.
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