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  1. Hello Vultaic. Today I have the pleasure to announce the next chapter of Vultaic, and we certainly have some explaining to do. The last period has certainly been challenging for us, I recognize the disaster that happened to Vultaic recently, and I want to assure everyone that this is definitely not the end of Vultaic, I am prepared to do everything I possibly can to rectify the events that unfolded. Obviously this can't be done all alone and therefore a new team has been established. Ultimately, I believe that our next chapter of our community is going to be an epic adventure, with new and exciting plans, and the expectation of fair and professional behavior from our new administrative and development team. With that, I would like to welcome the following taskforce that will be the new basis of our community. You can check out our full taskforce from the staff menu, note that we are still in talks with several players, and we will redact or expand this list before the launch of our server. As you can see, our new team is rich with both history and developers, and more prepared than ever to create an amazing experience! This team has been developing a new server for the last few months, and have had steady development progress succeeding their previous project. This is a server that has been developed from scratch, only using elements from previous projects. This also means that we will not be relaunching the previous server that was ran under our name, we are not going to expand much further upon this, and we will not indulge in drama and make more statements regarding the past of Vultaic. The past is the past, and now we look upon the future with great enthusiasm and motivation. To start things off, we are planning a Shooter CTF tournament, we will get back to all of you soon regarding the finer details regarding this tournament, such as when it will be taking place and how you can participate. I will note that there will be a prize pool for this tournament, and any donations that we receive before our launch, will go toward our prize pool for this tournament. I hope you all are as excited as we are, thank you for reading. Regards, Vultaic Management.
  2. Log screenshots don't tell the full story, I don't know what went on and I highly doubt someone gets banned for "just talking". I agree that this ^ is wrong, but yet again I don't know the full story so I assume that the actions taken by Dizzaster were right.
  3. Hello Community, It has been a while since we shared something with all of you. That is however gonna change as of right now. We are still here. This update is about restructuring the vision of Vultaic and a start for us to head into a more public sight. With this announcement we’d like to share that we will continue/restructure as a Community. This update is about changing and most importantly improving Vultaic for an even better experience. Therefore we are changing Vultaic as a team aswell. Because as of today Vultaic's structure won't be like any other clan you see in MTA. Vultaic will be applying a community structure with it's moderators, super moderators and community managers. Some of you may ask what the point is of doing this and why to announce such a matter. The reason behind this is that the past weeks/months we have been lacking active moderators on our server, we hope that restructuring Vultaic will put our focus more on the server rather than clan related things, like clanwars for example. Continuing as community rather than a clan will give certain pros and cons. Where to us the pros are more valuable than the cons. - Community managers: Mainly managing reports, suggestions and everything related to the community. Also the main contact for players with reports or suggestions. Community managers are introduced to make sure suggestions and reports are being solved as that was an issue before this update. Community managers are recognizable by the icon infront of their name. - Super moderators: The head of moderators, Super moderators have a bigger responsibility than Moderators because they know how to deal with extreme situations properly. Super moderators are recognizable by the icon infront of their name. - Moderators: Main staff, any questions related to the server they should be able to answer. Moderators are there to make sure rules are followed and make sure everyone is having a great experience playing on Vultaic. Moderators are recognizable by the icon infront of their name. This restructure should not affect anything for our players. Make sure you read our updated community rules aswell. Last but not least, staff will be wearing icons in front of their names ingame, therefore you won't see staff with clantags anymore. Regards, Vultaic Management
  4. dude, you gotta stop harassing your turtles, idk if that's bestiality or not but you need to stop

  5. go feed ur turtles

  6. I feel like this post is missing creepy background music.
  7. go suck a turtle

  8. The donator role on our Discord server you get for a donation has been removed. Will most likely come back later though.

  9. Welcome, see you ingame ?
  10. Division


    Hello Muco and welcome, great to see someone completely new.
  11. New donation system is up, PM me if any problems occur.

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