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    Dear Vultaic, While we are still working on our Multi Theft Auto server and doing beta testing we understand that many of you are bored. Therefore we have decided to open up a Minecraft server for the Vultaic community. There is however a bit of a twist. You see, the Minecraft server is an anarchy, as in, there are no rules and no moderators whatsoever. You do what you want. To force players to stay close enough to each other and differ from other, infinite world, anarchy servers we have decided to restrict the server to a 4000 by 4000 playable area enforced by a world border. This restriction also exists within the nether but not the end. Do not worry as everything you need is within this area. You will have to be careful in how you play however. The faster you get on the server the more you can prepare yourself for what may come. We have however decided to install a few things to the server to make gameplay more enjoyable overall for everyone. This includes a plugin to prevent chat spam and advertising and also have installed a anti-cheat to prevent unfair gameplay. If you notice bugs or other annoyances caused by these plugins or other server related issues then please report them back to us in Discord so that we can solve them. You can access this server by adding anarchy.vultaic.com to your list of servers ingame or by directly adding Sincerely, The Vultaic management team
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    Dear Vultaic, The private beta registrations are over and we have finished our internal voting. First of all I want to thank each of you for taking the time to apply to be part of this beta test but unfortunately to make our testing as efficient as possible we had to make a selection. That said we want to congratulate @DarkyZ, @airplaNe, @LeCC, @Mondim and @Pariston on becoming beta testers! We are sure that each of you will do a tremendous job in helping us test our server and hope you will have fun while doing so. Sincerely, The Vultaic development team
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