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    Hey There It have been a while since my last montage even tho I lost the motivation for it, I have been planning for the 4th one since a while, and here is it. Hope you enjoy! (I didn't know where to post it since there is no "videos and montages" or "General Discussion" sub-forum so I decided to post it here) 1080p⁶⁰° is advised Credits: Song: NOIXES - Focused (ft. iSH) Infernus mod: Blueray's Lexus LS500-F Infernus Mod (https://ffs-gaming.com/threads/85477-Blueray-s-Lexus-LS500-F-Infernus-Mod) GTA SA Remastered Effects: By Ezekiel_RN (https://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/mods/99274-gta-sa-remastered-effects) Retexture: SRt3 Mipmap 2014 (https://www.moddb.com/mods/srt3-mod) Sincerely, IsGh
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    Hello guys. I would like to present to you my first Shooter Frag Movie, i took a while to editing and uploading it because I've been busy the last few weeks and I'm glad that i finished and uploaded it, i hope you enjoy watching it. Watching in 1080p⁶⁰ is advised. Song : Carl Nunes & Ale Mora - Running (feat. Karen Inder) PS: i would like to hear positive comments and advices if you have any of them feel free to share it with me so i can improve myself on it. Sincerely, Eleven.
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    Lets see how this goes, remember that you people asked for it. The answer is at HDM arena now.
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    Shooter: A completely new map pack is up!
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    Greetings and hello, our dear community members and newcomers! Today we are here to announce the last stage of our Last Survivor event, the Final. KenZo, R3L4X, Skreepy and SoulFly are going to compete with each other for our prizes in a 5 maps long contest and see who is the most consisent driver out there! Without further ado, let's see how it is going to go, when it will take place and which maps the players are going to need to pass. Concept The main concept of the event stays the same: The goal is to pass all the 5 maps without dying. However, one of the big changes is that the player with the most passed maps wins, meaning that failing a map doesn't necessarily mean that you are out of the tournament. The 4 players will be ranked by the amount of maps they passed. In case of a draw, which is very likely to happen, we will restart playing the 5 maps 1 by 1 (each map is considered a play-off round). If the participants are still on terms after 10 maps, they will decide who wins by a Hunterfight at the end of the 5th map or on a Hunter map we set. Time The final will take place on August 10th Friday, at 18:00 CEST. All spectators are welcome! Maplist For the final we have chosen 5 new maps for our finalists to compete on. [DM] ThisGuy v4 - No JuJu [DM] Quantum v1 - Showdown [DM] Micra v18 - Flawless [DM] SebaS ft. FakeDeath - Guided Rythm [DM] KnOwN ft. Rampage - Uncommon Impression In case it's required, the finalists will decide by a Hunterfight on the following map. [HUNTER] BaTTaNiiK - Don't Flame Get Aim Rules 1. Maximum ping: 350. 2. We're waiting for 10 minutes only after pre-set match beginning time if someone is late. 3. Killing cars and eliminating your opponents with Hunter is allowed. 4. Using shortcuts is allowed. 5. Do not misbehave. Respect your opponents and administrators. Prizes 1st place: "Sole Survivor" badge at Vultaic MGM Server, 2 months of Donator status, $500K in-game cash. 2nd place: "Runner-Up" badge at Vultaic MGM Server, 1 month of Donator status, $300K in-game cash. 3rd place: "Fighter" badge at Vultaic MGM Server, 2 weeks of Donator status, $200K in-game cash. 4th place: 1 week of Donator status, $100K in-game cash.
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    Thanks bro for our work! You did your job so awesome! we are all happy with it!
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    Vote-Redo System ( /vr ) The vote redo system is basically a system, that lets players vote for redo. If 20 players are in the room, 10 would have to vote to trigger a vote-redo. (50% of the players in the room) Previous negative comments about vote-redo from the admin side in the past: “It'll be unfair if we add vote-redo only in HDM, but it'll annoy people if we add it into all DM based game modes at the same time.” "We do not want to add the VR system because it is too TfF like" It is not unfair if vote-redo only gets added in HDM and there is also no reason to add it in all rooms, since HDM works pretty much different compared to other rooms like DM & OS. Let’s break it down a little. DM: A lot of the DM players are just there to casually play and finish random maps. Chatting with other people is also an aspect, basically just a room to calm down a little There are top time hunters that are actually buying maps to do a top time, but they are a minority compared to the people who are buying maps in HDM You can finish maps pretty easily, thus you don’t really feel the need of having a vote-redo system since you accomplished your task anyway, unless you are not hunting for top times (which are in average way less people than those who are hunting to finish maps in HDM) HDM: HDM players tend to buy specific maps they know in order to finish them. They are not that much interested in playing maps they don’t know HDM has way less maps than DM, thus less choices of maps to play It doesn’t happen too often an HDM map gets finished, thus you feel the need of trying your luck once again in order to finish the map It was being said that having an HDM room is a test to check if players are actually playing there. It’s been 12 days since HDM got added and there is actually a player base enjoying the room. If there is a player base enjoying the room, HDM shouldn’t be treated like garbage. At the start most of the “shit-maps” (where entitling all HDM maps as shit maps isn’t a valid argument) were moved into HDM without anyone giving a single fuck. I guess the plan was to move all HDM maps into that room until the HDM player base breaks apart and afterwards the HDM room including the maps can just be removed from the server. As we see, that didn’t work out so that room should be improved further on. There is still a bug (if you want to call it like that) happening when you move DM maps to HDM. The top times of that certain map are going to get deleted and admins are now refusing to move any maps from DM to HDM. This is pretty much mixing up DM with HDM (since some HDM maps are still in DM) - plus a good number of players lost their top times. Either go with the idea of actually making an HDM room that is good and works well, or move all maps back into DM. This system right now is just mixing up everything and misses the point in my honest opinion.
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    its good idea In HDM its nice when we have a vr system
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    There is no reason to add it for DM/OS if you read the points Marvel stated above. You finish DM/OS maps way more regurlary than HDM maps - thus you don't really feel the need to redo those maps unless you are a toptime-hunter and you failed to place a toptime. Though in HDM, it is pretty much common that nobody passes the played map - thus they feel the need to redo maps WAY more regurlary. And that's totally fine! Yet Vultaic members didn't want to move maps because toptimes were getting deleted the last time they did it. In addition to that, they said that they are only going to move maps when the toptimes-delete thing has been fixed. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding from their side or they didn't understand the developers well enough.
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    m1a2m3 A.K.A Moamen (goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood) 1019%1019 and 1020%1020 goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood<><> 1030%1030 soon 2019 )
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    I just have the feeling that there is some "connection" between all DM rooms - that if you add something to DM it gets added to HDM and OS. This apparently works the same way with the cooldown. I mean HDM is a different room and it's workwise is different to DM - thus you should for example get more money for finishing a map and less cooldown per map due to a smaller map pool. 3 hours of cooldown for a map pool of 200 maps is just everything else than nice.
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    Never personally disagreed about adding vr in HDM. It would make it stand out even more than it already is. And if that's what HDM players want then why not.
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