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  2. Hey iKinG how can I get in contact with you? You made my ReVilo banner ages ago
  3. Hello, showcasing what will soon enough be released, completely new and crazy from my modelling skills, Infernus Vulcan. Inspired by Aston Martin Vulcan, or maybe too much, fitted on the body of Infernus and re-modified to the extent of beautiful connecting lines and so on. The download link will come later, when bugfixes are done.
  4. anyone want make ft map??

  5. Unfortunately we do not allow unofficial clients, you need to use the official Minecraft client with a paid account.
  6. Dear Vultaic, While we are still working on our Multi Theft Auto server and doing beta testing we understand that many of you are bored. Therefore we have decided to open up a Minecraft server for the Vultaic community. There is however a bit of a twist. You see, the Minecraft server is an anarchy, as in, there are no rules and no moderators whatsoever. You do what you want. To force players to stay close enough to each other and differ from other, infinite world, anarchy servers we have decided to restrict the server to a 4000 by 4000 playable area enforced by a world border. This restriction also exists within the nether but not the end. Do not worry as everything you need is within this area. You will have to be careful in how you play however. The faster you get on the server the more you can prepare yourself for what may come. We have however decided to install a few things to the server to make gameplay more enjoyable overall for everyone. This includes a plugin to prevent chat spam and advertising and also have installed a anti-cheat to prevent unfair gameplay. If you notice bugs or other annoyances caused by these plugins or other server related issues then please report them back to us in Discord so that we can solve them. You can access this server by adding anarchy.vultaic.com to your list of servers ingame or by directly adding Sincerely, The Vultaic management team
  7. Hello everyone, I want to present my tenth map called Opposite Sides and i also want to thank those who helped me make the scripts and i also hope you like this map, good luck and enjoy it. # Sorry for the drop at 1:06 (I don't know why that happens in that part) # Sorry if the video looks a bit lag. # at 4:37 the AutoJump script didn't work for me xd. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OdCxlhT-nY 1080p advised. Contact me. Discord: Chipy#8663 Skype: juan.videla314
  8. Dear Vultaic, The private beta registrations are over and we have finished our internal voting. First of all I want to thank each of you for taking the time to apply to be part of this beta test but unfortunately to make our testing as efficient as possible we had to make a selection. That said we want to congratulate @DarkyZ, @airplaNe, @LeCC, @Mondim and @Pariston on becoming beta testers! We are sure that each of you will do a tremendous job in helping us test our server and hope you will have fun while doing so. Sincerely, The Vultaic development team
  9. In-game name: am8 Discord name: AMEiT#1697 Serial: 76ADD16736318832278483FDEC2EA8A2 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: i'm chill and loyal player, i can help by discovering bugs if possible, giving my honest opinion about the server and most importantly providing some constructive criticism if needed, plus i was very excited since you guys announced the comeback of the server so i'll avoid by any means breaking any rules.
  10. In-game name: Mondim Discord name (ex. Name#0001): Mondim#8674 Serial: I’m not at home at the moment, will update later. Why should we choose you to be a tester?: Highly experienced, been playing this game for almost a decade. Used to run my own MTA server ( xG - Xtreme Gamers ) a couple of years ago. I have knowledge about this game that can be useful for your beta testing.
  11. n-game name: Mnanauk Discord name: Robben #5845Serial:2F13BDB36F4FE1ABDE87DFDA411B0234Why should we choose you to be a tester?:To help you correct errors and advise you my new ideas
  12. In-game name: coNolel Discord name (ex. Name#0001): Conolel#5840 Serial : 974E62141598B3706E020C49F2B02D52 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: I have some experience with beta testing, already tested some multigamemode servers, also i'm kinda unlucky enough to get bugged and i like to go find the little and small bugs wich aren't noticed by most of the players, yeah you can call me a maniac :^)
  13. In-game name: Evo.^ Discord name (ex. Name#0001): Guyy. #0656 Serial: ECFA8B508F99D75535F486688CFA12E3 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: I like finding bugs and see that these bugs was fixed. I have lot of time and i want to make Vultaic best for us.
  14. In-game name: Risq Discord name: shoXy#2600 Serial: E93D1829802C196F173577DD93422383 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: Although I have not been on Vultaic for so long, I would like to share my opinion about the features and ideas and if you like bring some ideas that could be good. I am online for a very long time a day and can be reached at any time on Discord for further questions.
  15. In-game name: ElevenxN Discord name: Eleven#3478 Serial: 79788CBA31C647A6F49F77A95213C392 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: well i could help with shooter arena and test it and try to improve it as much as i can (i tried to improve the previous server but things didn't go well as we wanted). I have knowledge on how to discover bugs or add the needed features for shooter community and what we like or dislike as a shooter player and experienced with it. P.S: after 10.8 i will have free times so i will try to be there sometimes and do my job properly.
  16. In-game name: LeCC Discord name (ex. Name#0001): lecctsumiki#0001 Serial: D22D5BCBD5F0ADA0292912172BA73584 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: I was beta-tester in the previous Vultaic server and this would give me reason to open MTA again for longer sessions.
  17. In-game name: kappa27 Discord name (ex. Name#0001): kappa27#6878 Serial:17FF7B9157258CEDD76CA516460554F4 Why should we choose you to be a tester?:i want see new sexy vultaic server :D
  18. In-game name: Swindex Discord name: Swindex#7274 Serial: B63BBBF9D91970DDAB07F100B3114033 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: I'm interested playing on various arenas, I can be helpful finding bugs & reporting them to the development since I am active enough to bring solutions to the bugs happening. Also, I am enough talented in English to explain every detail of whatever the problem is.
  19. Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt resttga   Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt megaphone emot  JOSEEEEEE

    1. SurfleXy


      calate ruski pendejo 3x

  20. In-game name: Seexy Discord name: Seexy#7754 Serial: 970A50E6BE5A4BE4BF01285BD92D81A2 Why should we choose you to be a tester?: I have a vast idea of finding bugs in DM area
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