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  • Do not share your account (contact an admin for exceptions).
  • Do not use fake tags or nicknames with the intent of impersonating someone you are not or to belittle them.
  • Do not use offensive nicknames.


  • Keep it English in the Global chat. You are allowed to speak any language in Room chat, but you can also use Language chat if you so wish.
  • Do not advertise, any kind of advertising is disallowed (if you want to give someone a link, private message them).
  • Do not trigger people into having heated conversations (provoking), if you really want to debate someone - do it in PMs or Discord/Skype.
  • Do not insult (insulting someone because they insulted you and thinking that's okay will just lead to both of you being punished).
  • Do not use racist slurs with the intention of harassing someone, we tolerate some words but watch how you use them. Admins are the ones that determine when you have crossed the line. In other words, don't use a word in an insulting, offending or dehumanizing kind of way.
  • Do not spam the chat (using lenny-faces often is considered as spam) .


  • Donations are non-refundable, so please think twice before donating. If you attempt to take back your money, you will be permanently banned.




  • Using recording tools to cause FPS drops in non-ghostmode arenas is not allowed, it will result in a week long ban. Doing this repeatedly will result in a prolonged ban.
  • Do not tell players misleading or untrue things (such as: /quit to join the garage).
  • Do not ban evade. Leaving to avoid getting muted or banned doesn't work, we can still find your info and punish you even when you're not there.


  • Do not abuse any kind of bug, regardless of what it may or may not benefit you. If you want to showcase a bug, contact an admin or moderator and do it privately or PM one of them.
  • Report bugs here or contact an admin as soon as possible.
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