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      All news related to Vultaic.

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      Here you will find all updates regarding Vultaic's team.

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      Everything related to pictures, videos or anything graphical.

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      A special part on this forum dedicated to some fun forum games, and probably lots of spam too!

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      Feeling like helping others out? You can do so by creating tutorials and guides here, you may also ask others for help here.

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      You will find information about Vultaic's events here. This will also include clan wars.

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      Want to be able to stream music ingame as DJ? Write your application here.

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      You can find all the updates & patches of our MTA server here.

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      Something doesn't work as it should be? Report your bugs related to our MTA server here.

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      Got banned and think you deserve to be unbanned, post your request here.

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    • Hi, how about after opening the server to do an instagram page and insert some interesting things and so on (expanding the popularity of the server)
    • Nickname: Sebi Discord username: Sebi#7133 Why should we pick you: Was part of a few beta tests before and just like helping out in them! What dates and times are you available: At evenings and some late mornings (GMT + 1) Do you agree to the rules above: Yes Computer specification:
    • Nickname: Optic Discord username: LoiBoi - Optic#1234 Why should we pick you: I have a keen eye for details and can find small things that can be improved, and from my past experiences I know what to look for when searching for bugs. What dates and times are you available: (let us know what timezone e.g. GMT): Any day after 14:00 CET Do you agree to the rules above: I do Computer specification:  
    • Nickname: ArSaL Discord username: TW1ST3R#8419 Why should we pick you: My relation with MTA:SA is on and off, I'm playing it since 2008 i quit so many times but i always returned in few months. I played in alots of servers, Yes! included MGM servers and been part of few in fact i had my own MGM server back in 2013 with Bonsai's free (not leaked) script which used by many servers and still using, Although it's whole different topic how he made that script because he also use leaked sources of someone else's work not the vultaic's leak but now i think he using that one too (AFAIK) anyway, As a player my POV could be little helpful. What dates and times are you available: (let us know what timezone e.g. GMT) Almost 10 hours a day (GMT +5) I'm free now until 8th of December after that i'll be busy for 2-3 weeks because of some events. Computer specification: i5-4690 CPU @ 3.5GHz, 8GB RAMs Additional Information: I was OS and Shooter player but i left MTA:SA, About about a month ago i returned and these days i mostly play CTF. Suggestion (I will use server names if it not allowed you can sensor): Please make shooter's rocket-shooting-position script like TG don't make it like FFS, in FFS if your car is upside down the rocket still launch from top (which is bottom at this situation) of your car and sometimes when in air your car in different angle the rocket launch from even 2 feets away from your car while in TG it was fixed position. I can make dedicated suggestion thread for this but since server isn't released so i wait and Unix and MegaDreams part of it so i don't think i even have to create any thread. Do you agree to the rules above: Do i have choice? Of cause, I do. P.S: You still get banned in FFS if you speak about TG and i think every server should respect the legendary server it was good competitive for them, RIP TG. Speaking about TG still consider as advertisement even server doesn't exist anymore.
    • Nickname: Trend Discord username: Trend.GG#3227 Why should we pick you: I have valuable experiences from The Crew BETA testing. After more than a decade in this game I had couple of DD servers in the past, there were many bugs, so I needed to find them and fix them. I will do my best for you. What dates and times are you available: Every single day from 12:00 to 00:00 (CET) Computer specification:   Additional Information: @Jmick Maribor Šampion Do you agree to the rules above: Yes, obviously.
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